Studio Facilities

Studio Fit FacilitiesWe opened the fitness studio in September 2015.  The gym is a brand new facility, 1000 square feet. Clean, modern exercise equipment compliment the rubber flooring and allow for fun workouts!

The gym is large enough to facilitate group training while small enough to allow for personalized classes at all times.  Air conditioning will keep you comfortable in the summer time.  We are located centrally on Inglis Place in Downtown Truro.

Our classes are between 30 and 45 minutes in length, long enough to get a great workout in but quick enough to get you on your way to the rest of your day!  The classes offer a variety of different techniques and styles to keep you interested.   Strength training, TRX, kettlebell, kickboxing, circuit training and Tabata are just a few styles we utilize. 

Personal training is another option available.  Should you prefer to have one on one training with a qualified trainer, contact us for more details.  Sessions can be either 30 or 60 minutes and will be personalized towards your long term goals.

Team training is offered by our qualified instructors.  By working with the coaches and learning what the long term goal is we can personalize the training sessions to improve technique and strengthen players.

Other programs offered include Run Club and Outdoor Bootcamp, both which are offered on an ongoing basis throughout the year offering a change to your current program.

Contact us to learn more about our classes, personal, group or team training.
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