Bootcamp/Fitness Classes

Fitness ClassesA mixture of all fitness styles and levels including circuit training, weights, functional movements with a variety of equipment to use ie. kettlebells, ropes, weights, bosu balls, stability and medicine balls. 

Butts and Guts

A half hour class which focuses primarily on toning and strengthening the core while raising and tightening your bum and legs 

Run Club

A six-week learn to run 5k program that will introduce you to running techniques which will allow you at the end to run a full 5k non-stop. You will learn about pace and breathing while meeting some like-minded people. It is meant to be fun and hold you accountable to your goal of learning to run.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Outdoor FitnessRain or shine we meet at the beautiful Victoria Park. We utilize the equipment such as Jacob’s ladder, benches and play equipment for a fun go at your own pace workout.  A great workout for anyone who enjoy the outdoors or loves to bring along all their friends. 

Team Training

Depending on the sport or how large the group we have a variety of different training techniques we use. The goal is to focus on making the athletes faster, lighter and learn proper form while building a strong core. The idea is to keep the workouts challenging and sports specific but also bring an aspect of fun and creativity to each session.
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