About Us

We opened our doors in September 2015 on Inglis Place in Truro, Nova Scotia.  We pride ourselves on fun, effective workouts that leave you sweating, feeling good about your workout and glad you came in! 

Our classes are designed to fit every level of fitness – we will modify any exercise to suit your fitness level.

Jennifer McNutt

Jennifer McNuttI have been a personal trainer since 2007.  As a personal trainer I can provide the complete package for my clients including customized programs, intense training and nutritional planning.  I have national CanFit Pro certifications as a Personal Trainer Specialist as well as Nutrition and Wellness Specialist.  I also have my Agatsu Kettlebell Certificate and Fitness Kickboxing Canada Certificate.

I specialize in personal training, boot camps, nutrition planning, running programs and sport specific training.

My Approach

Because no two people are alike, neither are their workouts. I will strategically develop programs specific to you and you only. My mission is to help my clients achieve their exercise and fitness goals as effectively and as fast as is possible. Each training session is maximized by the attention I pay to unique individual needs, movement efficiency and exercise safety. I optimize my client’s time by continuously tailoring and adapting their workouts. As clients progress and adapt, so does their workout routine. By doing this my clients will not ‘hit the plateau’ and will see continuous improvement.

The positive results I have experienced as a trainer has inspired me to help others.  I truly believe personal fitness can be fun and rewarding at the same time.

Patricia Yorke

Patricia YorkeI have been a business owner for over 15 years and started working on improving my fitness level seven years ago.  I grew from one of those people who joined a fitness center every January just to leave it in March to becoming certified through CanFit Pro in 2014 and partnering with Jen to open StudioFit Ltd. Seven years ago I did not run, could not do a plank push up and would never consider walking stairs as a form of fitness.  Today I love to run, enjoy a good cardio workout with kickboxing and have a serious love/hate relationship with burpees!

The fact that I get to continue to learn and grow in this great field while helping others achieve their goal is an added bonus to being part of this fitness centre.   What is great about StudioFit is that we are all working together toward a common goal.  We recognize that there are days where the desire is just not there, that perhaps there hasn’t been proper eating the day or night before or that life just got in the way for a bit and we work with our clients to overcome and accept these challenges are part of life.
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